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Real Estate Transactions for April 16


April 1

Lataunya and Shannon Ward to Gunner Turner, Southgate Addition, lot 13.

Servbank to Jason L. Woolery, Felix Estate, block 1, lots 10, 11, 12.

Jeanne and Vladimir Prokhor to Diane and Thomas Payne, section 6; township 44; range 21.

Tarasov Properties LLC to Albert H. Montano and Teresa A. Kualaau, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, block 7, lot 8.

Stacia and Zachary T. Nowell to Kevin L. Hartung, section 14; township 45; range 20.

Brenda Denise and Matthew Ray Powell to Roger and Sheri Austin, section 4; township 46; range 21.

Roger C. and Sheri R. Austin to CWN Properties LLC, section 10; township 45; range 21.

Kroeger Properties II LLC to Nicholas J. and Sherry Y. Miller, Walnut Park 3, lot 3.

Nathan D. Cornine to Allen P. and Diana Stoeckel, Warren Place, lot 6.

Abigale and Luke M. Calvert to Darrell Joe and Melissa White, section 32; township 48; range 22.

Kroeger Properties II LLC to Walnut Park Community Association, Walnut Park 3, lot 2.

Larry and Tamara Richey to Sedalia 1011 LLC, West Broadway, block 5, lot 10.

Albert A. and Leah Holcombe to Ruben Barajas, section 14; township 46; range 23; La Monte, block R.

Kari and Matthew Mergen to Prestige Property Management I LLC, Brown’s ET 3rd Addition, block 4, lot 5.

Prestige Property Management I LLC to Warsaw Holding LLC, Brown’s ET 3rd Addition, block 4, lot 5.

April 2

Laura and Tyler Burlingame to Jack and Katie Hill, section 24; township 47; range 23.

Sedalia Heating and Air Conditioning Co. Inc. to PCC Rentals LLC, Original Plat Sedalia, block 47, lots 5, 6.

Amy Elene Barber and Hubert Andrew Fisher to Robert Ryan Pryor and Brandy M. Arnett, section 29; township 47; range 23.

Just Hill Investments LLC to Alec Whitener, Arlington Heights Addition, block H.

Annell Plumber to JMI Properties LLC, Barrett and Metsker’s, block 19, lots 1, 2.

Joseph Alan and Tara Pierce to Anthony F. and Sherry L. Schwartz, Shepherd Meadow Estes Plat 2, lot 40.

April 3

Dmitriy and Natalya Makovsky to Margarita Canon, Christina Way Subdivision, lot 7.

Jill and Robin Burtchett and Shelly Logan to Mary N. and Robert T. Berry, Windsor Villa Estates, lots 11, 12, 13.

Mathew W. Otten to Aaron and Kenneth M. Gieringer, Pacific Heights, block 12, lots 16, 17, 18.

Das Construction LLC to Austin and Emma Heubi, section 17; township 45; range 21; Gables Phase 2, lot 36.

April 4

Jonathan and Nettie Herschberger to Esther and John Allen Detweiler, section 7; township 43; range 23.

Jonathan and Nettie Herschberger to Dorcas and Owen Miller, section 7; township 43; range 23.

David L. and Kendel S. Wolf to David L. Wolf Family Trust, David L. Wolf Trustee, Kendel S. Wolf Family Trust, Kendel L. Wolf Trustee, Hunter’s Ridge 7th Subdivision, lot 150.

Jeremy and Kim Franklin to Mark and Nancy Clay, Hughesville Pope 1st Addition, block 14E, lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 22, 23.

April 5

Jennifer M. and Thomas E. Volcko to Volcko Family Trust, Jennifer M. Volcko Trustee, Thomas E. Volcko Trustee, Hunter’s Ridge 4th Subdivision, lot 64.

Lisa and Tracy M. Cooper to Allyson Elizabeth Cooper, Stewart JR Addition Corrected Plat, block 1, lots, 4, 5, 6.

Janis Kay and Robert John Zimmerschied to DAS Construction LLC, section 14; township 45; range 22.

Anna and Ivan Vinnichuk to Shuda Properties LLC, section 32; township 46; range 21.