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Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 15


July 31

B. Dean Investments LLC to William Gebelein, Brown’s ET 2nd and 3rd Addition, block 4, lots 1, 2.

Jesse and Jessica Wallut to Rustam Ishmukhametov and Zakhar Tikhonov, Southgate Addition, lot 27.

Kathy and Patrick Wingler to Jay and Jessica Lutjen, Hunter’s Ridge 9th Subdivision, lot 105.

Dorina and Greg Kuzmenko to Edward M. and Ginger M. Catron, Brentwood Manor Subdivision, lot 65.

Renita Joy Silvers to Brandi and Scott Cole, West View Addition, block 3, lots 18, 19.

Elizabeth L. and Timothy W. Rehmer to Jennifer and Kevin Lutjen, section 32; township 46; range 21.

Ashley and Matthew Scott to CMD Drywall LLC, section 4; township 45; range 21.

Ashley and Matthew Scott to CMD Drywall LLC, section 4; township 45; range 21.

Matthew L. Spencer to Alexander Kroeger, Brown’s ET 1st Addition, Brown’s ET 1st Addition, block 1, lot 6.

Laine A. Wilson to TR Property Holdings LLC, section 5; township 44; range 21.

John L. and Wilma C. Madrid to Sara Anne and Steven Taylor Bugg, Lawndale, lots 192, 193, 194, 199, 200, 201.

Fredrick Clayton and Lori Ehlers to Shawn Bedell, section 27; township 44; range 22.

Aug. 1

Chelsea Nicole and Joshua Ryan Arnold to Zachariah L. Wagenkecht, Country Club Addition, block 5, lot 8.

Ashley and Patrick K. Pyle to Dustin Meyer, section 15; township 45; range 21.

Timothy J. Erganian to Erin Nichole and John Michael Cary, Southwest Village Tract A, block 15, lot 6.

Becky R. and Kevin Haulotte to Maria Lemus Martinez and Omar Nava Sanchez, Scott’s Dale Estates, lot 14.

Beverly A. Martin, John R. Martin Attorney in Fact, John Richard Martin and Martha E. Winnger to Rac-Jac LLC, section 20; township 45; range 21.

Ingrid Vrooman to Sheila Saulbeamer, Brooking Park Village 4th Plat, lot 14.

Aug. 2

Aleksandr and Olga Kapitula to Alia and Vyacheslav Andreyev, Brentwood Manor Subdivision, lot 24.

Colin and Macy Lancaster to Paula E. Patterson, Glendale Place, lot 68.

Les Maison’s LLC to Mykel Schlotterbeck, Morton’s Subdivision, lot 2.

Gary S. Bennett Jr. and Reita R. Bennett to Isidro Chavez Jr. and Rodrigo Chavez, Barrett and Metcker’s block 9, lots 11, 12.

Karen S. Pabst Zullig and Jeffrey Zulleg to Shannon Ward, Southgate Addition, lot 13.

Aug. 3

Vickie L. Akeman to Ashley L. Akeman, sections 30, 31: township 48; range 23.

Allison and Rickey D. Johnson to Kevin Sean and Melissa Jo Rayl, section 6; township 47; range 22.

Aug. 4

Viktor Radchenko to Larisa and Yuriy Kozko, Hale and Gentry Addition, block 15, lots 3, 4.

Anthony and Sydney Lindgren to William Roden, Southwest Village, block 5, lot 1.

Daniel J. Westermier to Ervin L. Shull, Heard’s Addition, block 9, lots 15, 16.