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Real estate transactions Jan. 18


Jan. 10

Jessica F. and Stanley D. Coffle to Scott and Brandi Cole, Cotton Subdivision, lot 9, block 6. 

Gaylon K. and Mary E. Alfrey to Aleksey and Alyona Shcherbina, section 8; township 44; range 21.

Amanda Duchone to Katelyn S. Olvera, McVey Subdivision, lot 9. 

James J. McGovern Trustee, Nancy L. McGovern Trustee, James J. McGovern Trust and Nancy L. McGovern Trust to James J. McGovern, section 36; township 48; range 20; section 25; township 48; range 20. 

Roderick W. and Stephanie D. Bollinger to Dana Sanchez, Walthcc1 Subdivision, lot 8. 

Jan. 11

Bobbie L. Gaus to Joseph Veneziale, McVey Subdivision, lots 12, 13, 14, block 1.

Athea M. Wasson, Bobby L. Wasson, Arthea M. Wasson and Ronald S. Mahin to Mark D. Fiken and April L. Mullet, section 8 and 9; township 45; range 23. 

Carl J. Spatz III and Anglea Dawn Spatz to Carl J. Spatz III and Anglea Dawn Spatz, Parkview Subdivision, lots 3, 4, block 1. 

Charles E. and Linda G. Kratzer to Amanda R. Duchone and Gavin W. Neth, Suburban Subdivision, lots 4, 5, block 5; section 14; township 45; range 21. 

James D. Garner to Levinco Investments LLC,  Ritchey Subdivision, lots 12, 11, block 1. 

Jan. 13

CK 7 LLC to Christopher R. and Kimberly J. Mabry, section 33; township 44; range 21.

James E. Williams to William Noble, section 1; township 44; range 22. 

Alyson and Steven Bailey to Kenneth M. Burkhart, Chapwood Subdivision, lot 5, block 2.

City of Sedalia to Max and Valentina Krysh, Rainbow Subdivision, lot 10, block 1.

Web and Sone Inc. to Callaway Properties LLC, Sees Subdivision, lots 14, 13, 12; section 5; township 45; range 21. 

Sara E. Meyer and Eric Wade Rogers to Benson Winkler, section 27; township 46; range 22. 

Jan. 14

Justin S. and Katie Tucker to Jacob and Rylee Rogers, South Subdivision, lot 14, block 6. 

Mark and Lesya Tolmachev to Mykel Schlotterbeck, Cresh Subdivision, lot 11, block 1. 

Mark T. and Krista R. Kempton to Tony and Audrey Hagedorn, section 12; township 44; range 22. 

Robert D. and Karen A. Brandt to Kelly R. Brandt, section 4; township 47; range 23. 

Penkae Haley to Sedalia Redevelopment Corp., McVey Subdivision, lot 12, block 5.

Roy L. and Lila P. Logan to Sedalia Redevelopment Corp., McVey Subdivision, lot 7, block 5. Gregory J. Chamberlain to Marina and Leo Memanski, Hugh Subdivision, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, block 4. 


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