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Real estate transactions May 4


April 26

Jonathan Ray and Amanda M. Ehlers to Evan and Stephanie Stout, Cambridge Country Estates Phase 3, block 11. 

Nicole Baker Gabriel to Cary Stone Construction LLC, McVey’s 2nd Addition, lot 6, block 7.

Sandra Self to Jadey Jo Weis, Windsor Willa Estates, lot 32; section 7; township 43; range 23. 

James D. and Kelsey M. Herrmann to Anthony D. Johnson, section 14; township 46; range 23. Brandon J. and Ashley Hill to Jesse A. Perry, Cedar Drive Addition, lot 3. Wayne and Kelly Childers to Cody and McKenzie Dee White, Prestwick Farms, lots 5 and 8, block 2. 

April 27

Kansas City Homeseller Inc. to Christopher J. Daniel, Hill Crest Addition, lots 143, 144, 142. 

Jaun Francisco Romero Garcia and Grandelia Olvera Lopez to Alejandro Salazar Padilla and Signi Carolina Ortiz Noriega, Hale and Gentray Addition, lots 4. 5, 6, block 18. 

Candace N. Cabaniss to Ashley L. Grotzinger and Nathaniel A. White, West View Addition 2nd Part, lot 29, block 23. 

Wells Fargo National Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Southwest Village Tract A, lot 13, block 10. 

April 28

Keele Construction LLC to Vladimir and Nataliya Grigoryev, section 9; township 45; range 22. 

Tyler and Chelsi Warren to Christopher W. Tyler and Kari J. Owens, Oak Ridge Subdivision, lot 3. 

Briggette Suzanne and Randal Woodall to Garret R. Edwards and Melody A. Chester, Cotton Brother’s 1st and 2nd Addition, lots 7, 6, 5, 8, block 21. 

Kroeger Properties II LLC to DAS Construction LLC, Gables Phase 2, lot 36; section 17; township 45, range 21. 

Kroeger Properties LLC to DAS Construction LLC Gables Phase 2, lot 37; section 17; township 45; range 21. 

Margie and William De Marse to Patrick E. and Faye Neth, section 34; township 44; range 20.

April 29

Byron L. and Rhonda C. Smith to Benjamin Bohanon, Barrett and Metsker’s, lots 10, 11, 12, block 3. 

Carey J. and Tami S. Walk to Ola Bannister Warren Jr. and Antoinette Rose Warren, section 4; township 45; range 22. 

Jonathan P. and Megan Kidd to Ivan Vinnichuk, Walnut Shade Resurvey, lot 5. Marvin E. and Sandra J. Gibson to Vladimir and Vyacheslav Bliskavka, section 18; township 45; range 20.

Jeremy M. and Lesley Craig to Jeremy M. and Lesley Craig, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lots 32, 33, block 1. 

April 30

RKJ Rentals LLC to Philp Patrick Wilson, Hill Crest Addition, lots 79, 80. 

Ronnie Lynn Bell to Christine A. Kellar, Felix Addition, lot 12, block 2. 

William J. and Debra K. Roberts to Michael E. and Stacey H. Gertz, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 1, lot 29. 

Michael and Katie Fisher to Todd S. and Shelly L. Shugart, Walter Clark Addition, section 11; township 45; range 21.

Sheilah D. Kearney to Taylor Otter, Southgate 4th Addition, lot 8. 

Roger D. and Mary C. Bersano to Roman and Veronika Romenskiy, Westenburgers Subdivision lots 7, 8, 9 of Mc Vey’s 1st Addition, lot 1, block 2.

Eileen M. Curtis to Marc Hicks and Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Lopez, Parkside Subdivision, lot 9, block 2. 

Michael E. and Mika J. Killion to Noah M. Killion, section 9; township 47; range 22. 

Noah Killion to Michael E. and Mika J. Killion, section 9; township 47; range 22. 

Wilson Toellner Investments LLC to Mo Money Mo Properties LLC, sections 9, 8; township 45; range 21.