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Real estate transactions Sept. 14


Aug. 30

Gynja Wes Cody and Payton L. Cody to Alla G and Vitaliy V. Kondratenko, Shepherd Meadow Estates Plat 1, lot 8. 

Russell Stover Chocolates LLC to Volker Properties LLC, Fairview Place, block 29.

Christopher W. Tyler, Kari J. Owens, Malvin R. Owens and Reatha Owens to Amanda Rae Burdick, Campbell Addition, lots 10, 11, block 5. 

Lazaro Gonzalez and Luz Jara de Gonzalez to Hector Geraldo Gonzalez Jara and Hector Geraldo Gonzalez Jara and Krina Ramos Valdovinos, Ritter’s Addition, lot B. 

Eric C. and Trisha C. Miller to Robert Sutton Trust and Esther Sutton Trust, Southwest Village, lot 10, block 1. 

Keele Construction Inc. to Dale and Martha Garrett, Katy Trail West, lot 1. 

Aug. 31

Jerry and Tonya Billingsley to Veronica Burt Hutchison, section 34; township 45; range 23. 

Best Life Properties LLC to Pamela S. Status, Smithton Glenwood Manor, lot 6. 

LVS Building Corporation to The W and A Crabtree Family LLC, section 10; township 45; range 21. 

Tamela Myers to Erika Y. Diaz, Stewart and Thompson’s 2nd Addition, lot 1, block 16. 

Shawn Cripe to Sharon Kay Pickett, Smith and MArtin’s 1st Addition, lot 7, block 1. 

Lori L. Baker to Aaron W. and Hannah J. Skinner, Glendale Place, lot 27. Patrick N. Easter Trustee, Wilbur D. Easter Trust and Carmie J. Easter Trust to Dale W. and Elizabeth Yelton, section 18; township 44; range 22. 

Sept. 1

Carla S. Childers to Annissa Turpin Giannone, La Monte Highlands 4th Addition, lot 50. 

Donnie William Hensley Jr., Debbie Sue Berry, Robert Berry, Mrsa Marie Schrader and Michael Schrader to Cathy M. Berry, Campbell Addition, lots 11, 12, block, 4. 

Linda L. Vinson and Shannon Marie Paull to Eric Franklin, Lawndale Addition, lots 148, 149. You and Me LLC to BJJ Fund LLC, section 1; township 45; range 21.

John D. and Jaqueline Rockett, CMH Homes Inc., section 27; township 45; range 20. 

Bryan Melgar to Aguilar Properties LLC, section 23; township 46; range 20. 

Oleg and Liliya Kopets to Oksana and Aleksandr Vivsik, section 3; township 44; range 21. 

Sept. 2

1401 South Limit LLC to Vijay and Nisha Bhardwaj, Fairview Place, block 12. 

Nancy E. and Steve J. Agnitsch to Eric J. and Pamela J. Norris, Barrett and Metsher’s, lots, 1, 2, 3, block 20.

Charles D. and Diane Denese Hopkins to Juan D. Fernandez Ortiz, Crescent Hill, lots, 8, 9, block 4. 

Sept. 3

Steven Z. and Bethany H. Vandevender to Byan Scott Fleming Jr. and Laura Fleming, Katy Trail West Phase, lot 33. 

Harlan Dean and Denise K. Burton to Benito Rodriguez, Stafford’s Subdivision Blocks 14 and 18 of Cotton Brothers, lots 11, 12. 

Nelson and Susie Jane Yoder to Daniel and Ruth Yoder, section 7; township 43; range 23. 

Kimberly Ann and Alijah Jane Henderson to Crystal Derringer, Barrett and Metsker’s, lot 5, block 21. 

Sept. 7

South Fork Farms Inc. to Tyler F. and Emily C. Dohrman, section 22; township 48; range 23.

Tyler F. and Emily C. Dohrman to Tyler F. and Emily C. Dohrman, section 22; township 48; range 23. 

Sedalia Rentals LLC to Pioneer Properties LLC, Cotton Brothers 1st and 2nd Addition, lot 8, block 23.

Pioneer Properties LLC to Mark and Tiffany Patton, Cotton Brothers 1st and 2nd Addition, lot 8, block 23. 

Michael L. Raust to Oscar Gonzalez, section 15; township 45; range 21. 

Zeilers Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling LLC to Stevie Ray and Tammy Sue Zeiler, Pacific Heights Amended, lots 11, 12, block 20. 

Heart Holding LLC to Scott and Brandi Cole, Lawndale Addition, lots 190, 191. 

Jeremy and Melissa Wiest to Michael L. Baust, Walnut Hills South, lots 18, 18A. 

Kaela D. and Marlon Reeves to Cynthia R. Layton, Heard’s Addition, lots 7, 8, 9. Block 5. 

Sept. 8

Mary Sue Wolfram to Marlon Joel and Kaela Danielle Reves, Petree V and J 2nd Addition, lot 15. 

Adam and Jessica Himes to Vasiliy and Lyubov Papa, Katy Trail West 4th plat, lot 17. 

Park and Mary Elizabeth Denny to Megan M. Millsap, West View Addition, lot 13, block 3. Coffelt Land Title Inc. and Wayne Hadley to Wayne Hadley, section 10; township 43; range 22. 

Sept. 9

Phillip C. Gerlt Trustee, Manuel B. Gelt Trustee, Phillip and Cynthia Gerlt Family Trust, Linda M. Gerlt Trustee, and Manuel and Linda Gerlt Family Trust to Phillip C. Gerlt Trustee and the Phillip and Linda Family Trust, Richey’s 2nd Addition, lot 12, block 7. 

Theron and Emily E. Broadfoot to Lee Garrett and Lori Dawn Haney, Cover Bridge Estates Plat 1, lot 2. 

Kapital Carpentry LLC to Kapital Construction Co. LLC, Smith and Cotton’s 7th Addition, lots 10, 11, block 2; Lesher and Kumm Addition, lot 38. 

Sept. 10

Matthew C. and Gabriel E. Morris to Neil Alan Yeater, South Park Addition, lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, block 3. 

Steven E. and Bobbie Ann Cook to Theron J. and Emily E. Broadfoot, section 33; township 45; range 20.

Travis and Shannon Hagedorn to Magdelena M. and Froilan C. Bayle, Jackson and Montgomery’s Addition, block 11. 

Justin R. McGinnis to Christian Waldo Zacarias and Austina Cano, Brown’s JD Addition, lots 5, 6, block 5. 

Donald G. and Machaela D. Williams to Craig D. and Kelly J. Cline, Section 19; township 45; range 20. 

Roy E. Paxton to Roy E. Paxton Jr. Barrett and Metsker's, lot 7, block 2. 

William S. Jackson to Douglas Louis Czarnick and Ramona Royse, Thompson’s Southwest Village Addition, lot 1. 


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