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Real estate transactions Sept. 28


Sept. 20

Ivan Co. to Anna S. and Andrew V. Melnik, West Broadway, lot 4, block 6. 

Jonathan C. and Alice Tester to Scott and Brandi Cole, McKee’s Addition, lot 6, block 6; section 3; township 45; range 21. 

Mike St. John and Tracey Radinovic to Jordan Edward Neiman, Pacific Heights, lots 4, 5, block 9. 

Shannon and Lance Lane to Jessie J. and Carrie M. Spencer, Southern Hills Subdivision Tract A, lot 2, block 11. 

Herman S. and Debra K. Collier to Marlys R. Jacobi Trustee, Cecil T. Jacobi III Trustee and the Jacobi Family Trust, West Country Club Estates Part 5, lot 80. 

Tina Kabler to Anthony S. and Michelle Wise, West View Addition 2nd Part, lots 17, 18, 19, block 29. 

Bryan K. and Connie Slaughter to Christopher Scott and Anita M. Slaughter, section 25; township 48; range 21; section 30; township 48; range 20. 

Sept. 21

MVRK Developing LLC to Katerina Vinnichuck, West Country Club States Part 4, lot 58. 

MVRK Developing LLC to Ruvim Zakharchuck, West Country Club Estates Part 4, lot 59.

Elizabeth Ann Webb to Kayla Yeater, Bottcher’s Addition, lot 3. 

Whitney N. Brooks to Donald E. Calhoun, West View Addition, lot 34, block 10. 

Sheila K. Lassiter to Larry Dean Holtcamp, East Sedalia, lots 37, 38. 

Sept. 22

Alison M. Ingram to Saniel J. Delana, West View Addition, lot 24, block 18. 

E. Leroy and Judy M. Stevenson to Craig E. and Alicia L. Wilson, Pacific Heights, lots 9, 10, block 11. 

Gary Stone Construction LLC to Gary Stone Construction LLC, Pacific Heights, lots, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22, block 6. 

LE7 LLC to Tarsasov Properties LLC, Laurel Heights 1st Addition, lot 5, block 1; Laurel Heights 2nd Addition, lot 6, block 1. 

Sheila K. Lassiter to Douglas E. and Wendy B. Needy, East Side Subdivision, lots 37, 38. 

Judy K. Oehrke to Scott and Brandi Cole, Pleasant View Addition, lots 3, 4, block 3.

Brian and Rose Dickenson to DBKR Enterprises LLC, Ritter’s Addition, lot A.

Christopher L. and Allison J. Dady to David L. Cormican, Thompson’s Southwest Village Addition, lot 5. 

Gary L. Rapp II and Tracey L. Rapp to Christopher L. and Allison J. Dady, Rolling Hills Repklat lot 8. 

Beau J. and Jessica A. Giffen to Donald E. Scott II and Janice M. Scott, Hunters Ridge, lot 5.

Nadia V. Fray to Aleskey P. and Marina Samotugin, Chapel Wood estates 2 nd Subdivision, lot 3, block 1; section 15; township 45; range 21. 

Sept. 23

Pamela Sue and James Reed to Joe Welton and Lynne Chancellor, section 9; township 45; range 21. 

RKJ Rentals LLC to Ozzie Chaatit, Westmorland Place Addition, lot 4, block 4. 

Sept. 24

Joseph D. and Shawn L. Knight to Jaycobe and Zachary Kronk, section 11; township 45; range 21. 

David L. and Carrie McCoy to Zachariah J. McCoy, section 9; township 46; range 23. 

Shirley L. Anders and Lori D. Mothersbaugh, Attorney in Fact, to Olga and Timofey Shalnev, section 1; township 44; range 22. 

Joseph R. and Miranda Varosi to Dustin E. Hubbard, Prestwick Farms, lot 6, block 1. 

Tyler Karl and Kyla Marie Hoffert to Jeremy A. Bush and Shaylen N. Paxton, Rainbow Addition 2nd Subdivision, lots 14, 15, block 7.  

Stephen and Greta Siegal to Mario Armstrong, section 22; township 46; range 20. 


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