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Sedalia voters approve sewer bond question in Feb. 6 special election


City of Sedalia voters overwhelmingly approved the sole question on the Feb. 6 special election ballot.

Only one bond question was on the ballot, and only City of Sedalia voters were eligible to participate. Due to the small election, the only polling place open on Election Day was at the Pettis County Annex in downtown Sedalia, which houses the Pettis County Clerk’s Office. According to information from the clerk’s office, a total of 961 registered voters, or 7.71%, cast a ballot in the election, including the six-week absentee voting period and at the Pettis County Clerk’s Office on Tuesday.

The measure passed with 760 voters (79.08%) saying “yes” and 201 voters (20.92%) casting a “no” vote.

As the Democrat previously reported, the City of Sedalia wants to access $60 million from a State Revolving Fund to replace the aged north wastewater treatment plant with modern technology and address leaky inflow pipes that force Sedalia to treat twice as much water as it should.

“We think it's going to be about $40 million for the plant and then another $20 million for projects for inflow infiltration,” City Administrator Kelvin Shaw told the Democrat on Friday, Jan. 5. “We treat not quite twice as much sewer as we generate in water, so we're getting a lot of stormwater inside our sewer pipes, and it costs us to treat that rainwater.”

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