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True Vine Church to offer free gas Saturday


True Vine Fellowship is reaching out to the community with a free gas giveaway on Saturday, Sept. 23 at Break Time, 808 E. Broadway Blvd. in Sedalia.

Elder Javion Jones explained to the Democrat this week why the church is hosting the first-time event.

"The reason we are doing this free gas giveaway is because, as a church, oftentimes we get so caught up in having fellowship and service inside the building, but it has always been Jesus's desire for us to go outside the four walls," he noted. "And to be a blessing to the community.

"The Bible says, 'it's better to give than to receive,'" he continued. "So, we just want to be a blessing, as you know, with gas prices starting to spike. Sometimes we can get so comfortable, of being blessed and having things that we need at our fingertips, not really realizing our brothers and sisters in need."

He added the church is trying to "think outside the box" and to do things from a different perspective.

"Recently, as we were trying to get more involved with outreach ministry, I challenged the church," Jones noted. "It's our job to go out and be witnesses. Oftentimes, we look at evangelism as we have to have a church service or have all these revivals.

"But, you can evangelize by doing a giveaway," he continued. "That's a part of evangelizing, spreading the love of Christ, and letting them know the church is here."

Jones said the church is often viewed as the one asking for money or donations.

"But it is our desire to be a blessing to our community," he added. "We have a business meeting at the beginning of the year every year as a whole church. And I asked the church a simple question … and I challenged the church, 'What are we doing on this corner to impact our community?'"

He told them that most of Jesus's work was by traveling down the road and helping others, not in a building or synagogue.

"He didn't sit inside the four walls … he got out amongst the people," Jones said. "I challenged our church that we cannot think we are above reproach or above people, that we can't go out and touch and intermingle with our brothers and sisters that are in need."

The True Vine Fellowship free gas giveaway will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday at Break Time and continue until they reach their dollar amount for donations. Each vehicle will receive $20 worth of regular unleaded gas. The event is open to everyone. Jones said the Sedalia Police Department will assist church members with putting gas into their cars.

"They can stay in their car," Jones noted. "And all they have to do is pull up to the pump, and we put gas in their car, and they move right along."

Jones added he wishes to challenge the community to come together.

"As Jesus said in Matthew 5:15, He said, 'In the same way let your light so shine before others so they may see your good works and give glory to the Father which is in heaven,’” Jones said.

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