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Warrant nabs Sedalia man with drugs, weapons


A Sedalia man was arrested early Wednesday morning after a search warrant was served at a residence in the 700 block of East 11th Street.

The 6 a.m. raid was conducted by members of the Sedalia Police Department’s Special Response Team, Criminal Investigations and Crime Resolution Unit. 

The Latent Investigations Unit search warrant was issued regarding a sex crime involving child pornography.

Jessie L. Rubio, 18, was arrested and detained without incident.

More details on the arrest were found in a probable cause statement, which indicated Rubio was found sitting on a couch in the living room, where officers also found a Kimber 9mm 911 handgun with a loaded magazine.

After reading the search warrant to Rubio, officers then conducted a search of the home.

“I observed an open dollar bill on the ottoman that would have been in front of Jesse while he was on the couch with a blue powder inside,” SPD Detective Pemberton, who was on the warrant service, wrote in the probable cause statement. “I opened a full container that was labeled hydrocodone acetaminophen and found multiple blue pills with the label ‘M30.’” 

These pills are known by police to typically be oxycodone, also known as Percocet. These schedule-2 controlled substances were found near a handgun.

Rubio had a previous drug-related offense, according to police, but will now face multiple charges after a further search revealed a Heritage .22 revolver in the top of a closet, the Kimber 1911 found near Rubio, Oxycodone and crushed powder believed to be the drug, and four straws with powder residue. Marijuana was also located.

A set of brass knuckles was found in Rubio’s downstairs bedroom, which was identified based on personal items and photographs.

Rubio has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, abuse of a child, and first-degree statutory sodomy.

“The original report was for child abuse,” SPD Detective Kirra Pappert explained Thursday. “We do forensic interviews of children when that comes up. We got disclosure of both physical and sexual abuse.”

A physical examination of the child victim was performed at Children’s Mercy Hospital, which found evidence corroborating their statements. 

The multiple charges against Rubio were divided into two distinct cases.

“At the time of the search warrant, it got separated into two different cases,” Pappert added. “One case for the drugs and the guns, a completely different case for the child abuse aspect.”