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The “dingy, dirty, tumble-down house” at 305 W. Main Street in Sedalia did not have a good reputation. more
Here’s something that almost never happens: You ask someone, “How are you?” And they respond with this: “I’m in so much pain I don’t know what to do.” more
I’ve been working – sporadically – on a project that one of my friends introduced me to. It’s called “Storyworth,” and the upshot is that each week, Storyworth asks me a question about my past, and I write an answer. Well, that is the way it’s supposed to work. For a while, I was doing my darnedest to answer the weekly question, but then things got out of hand. more
With all the talk about old age these days, let me admit right off that I am an old man, and the things that interest me currently are things I could not have guessed would do so as a young man. more
Were you aware that the federal government considers you to be a blooming idiot? more
If you have been experiencing more headaches and upset stomachs lately; I have the cure! Turn off the tv and radio and stop listening to any talk shows that involves politics. I know that will be hard to do because the subject is everywhere 24/7. more
I think I’ll be able to cross something off my bucket list this fall. For years, I thought I didn’t have a bucket list, but the beginning of my 8th decade on this planet made me realize that if I want to get some things done, I’d better start doing them. After that epiphany, I found that I did indeed have a bucket list, albeit unrecognized until that time. more
“Best ever.” more
One of our favorite summer activities is to barbecue. Everyone has their favorites: steak, brisket, hamburgers, sirloin tips, chicken, fish, kabobs and pork to mention a few. Let us look at how to match wines to these favorites. more
When you think about God, what attribute or quality of His comes to your mind first? more
We would like to think that Sedalia isn’t the kind of town where child pornography is to be found. But we would be wrong. more
The heat of this summer brings a lot of childhood memories with it-some good and some not so much. more
Honey has always been a sought for golden sweet treasure used historically for many great recipes. It is made by hives of bees bringing the nectar of millions of local flowers. Each batch can have its own unique color, flavor and even medicinal value based on the available flowers in their harvesting range of flight. You have probably heard that local honey is best, but what is it that makes locally produced honey superior to others? more
Despite what you may have heard on the playground, London Bridge is not falling down. In fact, it's quite sturdy. I know this because I rode over London Bridge in a taxi – one of many things I did last week during summer vacation. more
Now-Chief Justice John Roberts to Sen. Patrick Leahy in his 2005 confirmation hearing: “’Senator, I believe that no one is above the law under our system, and that includes the president.... The president is fully bound by the law, the Constitution and statutes’” (https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2024/07/02/what-conservative-justices-said-about-immunity-before-giving-it-trump/). more
My wife and I like to eat apples as do most people in the world, and a couple of times a week I am required to peel and slice one for each of us as a dessert. more
Sherry, Sherry, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Not so good, but thanks for asking. more
During June and July, newspapers across Missouri are publishing tens of thousands of names of people for whom the State Treasurer’s Office is holding unclaimed property totaling more than $1 billion. This is not the state’s money – it is Missourians’ money, and I am committed to returning it to its rightful owner. more
I feel guilty. I’ve done a bad, bad thing. And yet, I can’t say I wouldn’t do it all over again, given the opportunity. more
Sedalia Democrat editor Nicole Cooke is leaving her position this week and moving on to new adventures after 11 years at the newspaper. more
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